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Allendale Legend Supreme at Adelaide Royal

Interbreed Supreme Ram Adelaide 2014Of the nine interbreed classes on offer at Adelaide Royal, the Poll Dorset class winners eligible to compete in seven of them. The depth and quality within the Poll Dorset breed was outstanding and when competing against the other breeds, the quality shone through.

Poll Dorset entries came through to claim five interbreed titles.

Supreme Ram of the Show – Allendale, Alistair Day and family. This ram has been dubbed “Legend” for his outstanding pedigree and show record to match.

PD_Interbreed Group of 3 rams_U Pk_DSC_4323_stitch_2 (800x695)Best pen of three rams – all breeds. Unanimous decision by all five judges to Ulandi Park. The three rams in this pen were all sired by Kurralea 11/11.

PD_Interbreed_Lambplan Trade Pair_Leenala_DSC_4387 (533x800)Champion Interbreed Lamb Production Pair of Rams – Terminal Trade Weight. Won by Leennala – Alan and Lyn Schinkel

PD_Lambplan Export Pair_U Pk_DSC_4392 (554x800)Champion Interbreed Lamb Production Pair of Rams – Terminal Export Weight. Won by Ulandi Park – Rowett family.

PD_Interbreed_Terminal Production Group_U Pk_DSC_4403 (800x715)Terminal Lamb Production class of one ram and two ewes. Won by Ulandi Park – Rowett family.