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eID changes offer producer options

eID changes offer producer options

The Victorian Government’s decision to mandate electronic identification tags for sheep and goats from January 1, 2017, could allow producers to drive productivity and switch to data based management decisions.

Shearwell Australia’s Sales & Operations Manager Brendan Nolan said while the government had based its decision on biosecurity and traceability benefits, eID can also offer on-farm management benefits and help to boost returns.

“An eID for managing sheep can help to drive productivity through data based management decisions,” he said.

“Using eID tags allows you to record information against individual animals such as pregnancy scan results, weight gain, fleece weight, or micron diameter.

Mr Nolan said the company specialised in sheep eID tags and tag reading equipment.

Tags had an excellent retention rate of 99.5 percent in trials and “real world” experience. Tags were also lightweight, and suitable to be used in day old lambs.

Mr Nolan said customers also frequently commented on the ease of applying the tags, due to the tag and applicator design.

“We also have a cost effective and value-for-money price,” he said.

He encouraged anyone with questions about eID tags to contact Shearwell Australia.

“In Victoria you will have to go through the department for subsidised tags,” he said.

“But otherwise we deal direct with the producer and have excellent customer service.”

Mr Nolan said the company focused on keeping equipment as simple, and easy-to-use as possible.

“Our stick readers are very simple and straight-forward to use,” he said.

“They’re a price competitive tool that is an important part of the eID system.

“I’d encourage any producer wanting to know more about eID systems to give us a call, and we can discuss options as the need arises.”

Details: Contact 1800 998 934 or