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2016 Farmgate Sign Winners


todd_schirmerCongratulations to Todd Schirmer of Tumut, New South Wales, who won $2000 thanks to the 2016 Australian Poll Dorset Association Farmgate Sign Competition!

Todd manages a 3500 self-replacing ewe flock as well as terminal prime lamb production. His business appreciates the profitability and marketing options the Poll Dorset sired lamb gives them.

“We have found the Dorset to fit into this program really well, as they produce a great sucker lamb being sold direct to the supermarket trade at 20-24kg dressed,” he said.

“They produce a great product out of the surplus maternal ewes that come over into the Dorset program. Any lambs that are not sold as suckers are shorn and finished quickly on lucerne or brassicas. Or should the need arise in the future they are very marketable as a store second-cross lamb.”