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DSC_0692 Poll Dorsets prime lamb pick for Toongi producers Farming is in the blood for Megan and Michael Brennan, Wambangalang, Toongi, New South Wales, with Megan a fifth-generation producer. While she only recently took up farming full time on the 680-hectare property 30 kilometres south of Dubbo, agriculture had been a long-time interest. Her father Mark Gavel moved to the Dubbo region in the […]
apda-startect Make this summer a STARTECT® summer THE IMPACT OF ROUNDWORMS The impact of roundworms represents the highest single animal heath cost to the Australian sheep industry, estimated at about $6 per head, or an average of $6,000 for each mob of 1,000 sheep. About 80% of the annual cost is associated with lost production and the remaining 20% with the costs […]
article_2016-apdas-case-study-brett-johnstonebrett-4 Over-the-hooks switch benefits NSW producer A switch to over-the-hook selling has led to big changes in Brett Johnstone’s prime lamb enterprise Malmo Partners at Woodstock, near Cowra, New South Wales. Using feedback has meant he has been able to tailor his Poll Dorset-sired lambs to match exactly what his local processor, Breakout River Meats, requires. “I’m convinced we get a premium […]
Poll Dorset Logo Filler Image Poll Dorset-cross lambs to $181 at record yarding at Hamilton POLL Dorset cross lambs were at the centre of the record yarding of 62,187 lambs at the Hamilton Regional Livestock exchange in Victoria’s Western Districts on December 14, with Kerr & Co Hamilton Livestock Manager Craig Pertzel saying the majority of the lambs sold were Poll Dorset crosses. The sale broke an Australian record for […]
murray-brown Top drop of lambs despite floods at Glamis Water sports took on a new meaning for Bedgerabong producer Murray Brown, New South Wales, last month with the family ski boat being used to tow several ‘tinnies’ full of lambs for sale across 1.2-metre-deep floodwater at his ‘Glamis’ property. About two-thirds of the property flooded for six weeks in September and October. He lost […]
Janmac 2016 Annual Sale Report 170/70 to $5,600 av $1,248
Poll Dorset Logo Filler Image Aberdeen 2016 Annual Sale Report 9 stud rams to $17,000. 180/180 flock rams av $1,821
Poll Dorset Logo Filler Image Ulandi Park 2016 Annual Sale Report 5 Stud rams to $5,250, 122/127 flock rams av $1,307