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Weather delays sucker sale volumes

Weather delays sucker sale volumes

SUCKER lamb sales continue at highs of up to $6.20 a kilogram in New South Wales sale centres, with volumes delayed due to poor weather.
Allan Gray & Co Director Bill Brien, Cowra, NSW, said sucker sales were “holding on” at $6 to $6.20/kg due to seasonal conditions.

“We’re in a unique position, we have feed but we’re just waiting on a bit of sunshine,” he said.
“Forbes did have up to 10,000 yarded recently, but they won’t be reaching those volumes again this week.
“The winter weather has meant a lot of lambs have not been able to get traction, we have a couple of days of sunshine and they really bloom, then the cold weather sets in again.
“It’s difficult to know when we’ll start seeing some numbers, but I expect this will happen by the middle of September.”

Mr Brien said the benefit of the delay in suckers had meant many producers had been able to offload old lambs.

“There’s a lot of cheap, old meat out there at the moment,” he said.

“The heavier, better, old lambs are making about $5.50 to $5.60/kg, but secondary types have been under $4/kg.

“It’s allowed many to clear the decks before the suckers come on in any volume.”

The first of the sucker lambs were sold from August 1, with “99 percent” sold through the Cowra yards Poll Dorset crosses.

“We’ve had some beautiful quality lambs here, as far as consistency and good, clean lines go,” Mr Brien said.

“Cowra is in the heart of Poll Dorset and lamb producing country, we have a number of very good Poll Dorset studs nearby that would stand up in anybody’s area.”

Mr Brien said confidence remained very high.

“Some producers are already shearing lambs now, for export markets later on,” he said.