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The Australian Poll Dorset Association (APDA) is the organisation representing the interests of stud Poll Dorset breeders. The organisation was formed in 1954 by the foundation breeders Messrs Dawkins, Stuart and Wilson.

The Purposes of the Association are:

  1. To encourage the breeding of Poll Dorset sheep and to develop, promote the improvement of the breed in Australia. Also to actively promote the use of Poll Dorsets in the Australian lamb industry.
  2. To collect, record and publish information relating to Poll Dorset sheep.
  3. The investigation of the histories, pedigrees, purity, and type of sheep registered or entered for registration.
  4. The consideration and the granting or refusal of any application for registration of any sheep or the transfer thereof or for the issue of a certificate for the export of sheep registered in accordance with the rules for the time being in force.
  5. The consideration of all questions affecting the interests of breeders of Poll Dorset sheep.
  6. To encourage, promote and carry out research into better methods of animal husbandry and genetics and thereby promote the development of the agricultural resources of Australia in general and the development of Poll Dorset sheep in particular.
  7. To invest and deal with the moneys of the Association as may from time to time be determined in such manner as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above purposes or any of them.

APDA Federal Secretary - Margot Falconer

Unit 1/6 Merino Court
East Bendigo, Vic 3550

M: 0419 581 121

P: (03) 5443 9902

F: (03) 5443 9354


Current Fees

Current Fees for Period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023


Subscription for Full Members is calculated by the following measures

Administration Fee $132.00

Annual Subscription Fee of the total number of ewes over 12 months of age, and mated ewe lambs and recipient ewes with Poll Dorset embryos, in a member’s flock at 31 March $1.10 each capped at $880.

New Flocks- $55.00

On application a new stud is required to pay a $55.00 joining fee. If during flock return season there is the additional subscription costs incurred.

Associate Membership - $82.50 per person

An Associate member shall be any person with a special interest/affiliation in a registered Poll Dorset flock, please supply the prefix of the affiliated registered stud when applying for this membership. An Associate member has the opportunity to join regional, state and national Poll Dorset committees and hold office in these areas, in addition to having a vote in Board elections. An Associate member receives copy of each printed Poll Dorset Journal and a copy of the most recent published Flock Register.

Annual Membership - $55.00 per person

An Annual member gives any interested breeder or past breeder the opportunity to be involved and remain updated with the Association and breeds activity. An Annual membership receives a copy of each printed Poll Dorset Journal and has the opportunity to attend all regional, state and national Poll Dorset meetings without voting power.

Junior Members

Junior members without their own flock and aged under 18 years will be eligible to apply for an annual subscription of $22 (GST inc).

Junior members with their own flock can apply for membership at half the initial joining fee, and receive a further 50% off the flock subscription fee for a period of three years unless they turn 21.


Schools received 50% off the flock subscription fee.

Compulsory Promotion Levy

Calculated on each flock ram and ram lamb sold = $3.30 per ram

Maximum Inspection Charges

Per half day per inspector = $55

Per kilometre one way = 44 cents

(Note: Inspector charges above are payable on the day to the inspector/s)

Registration and Transfer Fees

Ram registration fee (per ram) = $16.50

Ram transfer fee (per ram) = $16.50

Ewe transfer fee (for each ewe over 6 months of age at the date of sale) = $4.40

Embryo Transfer fee = $2.20

Semen Transfer Fees (Regulation 12)

A semen transfer fee will apply on each semen package used or sold per stud ram = $22

(Note: Subsequent semen sales of the same ram to the same purchaser will be free of further semen transfer fees)

A member using semen from a registered New Zealand ram will be responsible for the semen transfer fee

Prefix Alteration

The fee to alter a registered stud prefix is = $16.50

Penalty Fees

  • Late transfer fee for stud rams and ewes (per certificate – see Regulation 11C) = $5.50
  • Late semen transfer certificate fee (per certificate – see Regulation 12e) = $5.50
  • Flock Returns received between 1 May and 31 May will carry a late penalty fee of = $13.20
  • Flock Returns received after 31 May will carry a late penalty fee of = $26.40
  • Compulsory inspections for each ewe approved by the inspector(s) = $4.40

Export Fees

Members exporting Poll Dorset sheep and semen to any overseas country are reminded of their responsibilities under the Regulations.

The following normal transfer and registration fees and levies must be paid for Poll Dorset sheep exported.

  • Ewe transfer $4.40 for each ewe and ewe lamb
  • Stud ram transfer $16.50 each
  • Stud ram registration $16.50 for each stud ram to be individually registered
  • Semen transfer $22 for each semen package per stud ram
  • Flock ram levy $3.30 per ram and ram lamb
  • Embryo transfer $2.20 per embryo

A fee will be charged for the Head Office secretariat time in the preparation of export certificates if required by the importing country.

Stud Site Annual Fee

$27.50 for flocks having a link on the Poll Dorset website under “Stud Sites”.

APDA Flock Register

The Flock Register for Poll Dorset sheep in Australia is an accurate record of animals registered and transferred with the APDA. It is the duty of all registered flock owners to keep true and accurate records of the breeding of their registered flock.

All rams to be used as a sire must be registered and transferred (where applicable), within the APDA Flock Register. Stud ewes are not required to be individually registered in the APDA Flock Register. Transfer of ewes to another stud is via an APDA bulk transfer, with the vendor providing pedigree information to the purchaser.

The APDA Flock Register is published annually, and contains a complete record of current studs, the member contact details, individual ram registrations and all transfers since last register (1 April – 31 Mar), and a detailed list sires used for current year drop.