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Online registration and transfer of Poll Dorset sheep in the APDA Flock Register

Members are encouraged to use the online database to update their details and complete their membership renewals. Instructions to assist you in completing your renewal online are available here.

Contact the APDA Secretary for further assistance.

E: P: (03) 5443 9902

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Registration Forms

Registration Regulations

(a) All rams used in the owners Poll Dorset Flock or sold or leased or loaned to another breeder for use in his Poll Dorset flock must be individually registered.

(b) All stud rams and stud ewes exported from Australia must be individually registered. (Subject to Regulation (d))

(c) Individually registered rams will be allotted a registration number and will be entered in the next Flock Register.

(d) Ewes exported will be allotted an individual registration number. (Subject to Regulation 14(d)).

(e) Registration fees shall be a determined by the Board from time to time. Full particulars of fees appear on the back page of the Flock Register.

(f) Composite forms for the individual registration of sheep and for the transfer of sheep are available without cost from the Association Chief Executive.

(g) Rams sold as lambs at foot may be individually registered by the purchaser with a pedigree verification from and permission of the breeder. Registration cost to be paid by the purchaser with original stud prefix being used.

(h) As of the 1st of November 2020, a registered and transferrable ram must have a consecutive traceable pedigree of four generations, with all parentage registered with the APDA.

(i) Applications for ram registrations that do not meet Regulation (9.h), may be registered with Board approval. These registrations may be subject to a status of "in-flock use only" and/or "progeny non-transferable".