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Poll Dorset new season lambs break national record 23 August 2021

Poll Dorset sired new season lambs have achieved a new national saleyard record price, selling for $331.20.

Poll Dorset Lambs Average 11% Price Increase YOY Since 2016 30 June 2021

Prices for first and second cross mixed sex lambs have risen steady year-on-year, with robust domestic and export demand underpinning prices. First and second cross Poll Dorset mixed sex lambs have increased by an average of 11% annually since 2016.

Poll Dorsets deliver premium price 25 May 2021

Lambing down 8500 Merino ewes is no mean feat, but it is made easier by being confident in the outcome. How? By joining them to Poll Dorsets.

Poll Dorset DNA Testing – Easy, Accurate and Affordable 18 May 2021

DNA testing is a fast and efficient method for Poll Dorset seedstock producers to obtain critical data for identifying elite, high-performance animals from an early age.

Poll Dorsets pivotal in China 18 May 2021

Russ Davis from D&D Consulting Group has spent the last five months, consulting and managing an exciting and innovative sheep project, in the community of Huanxian in Gansu Provence, China. Huanxian is about 1200km from Beijing near the Gobi Desert. The climate is extremely harsh, with winter temperatures reaching -30 degrees.

The New Gold Standard Sheep Vaccine 18 May 2021

From our sponsors: GlanEry 7® in 1 B12 will protect your valuable asset and maximise on farm profits. Zoetis Australia is proud to announce that the new innovative sheep vaccine, GlanEry® 7 in 1 B12, will soon be available in stores near you. This product is a new formulation that combines the market leading proven protection of Glanvac® 6 B12 and Eryvac® into one convenient vaccine.

Improved seasonal conditions underpin flock rebuild 22 February 2021

The national sheep flock is set to enter a significant rebuilding phase in 2021 on the back of improved seasonal conditions in key sheep production regions of eastern Australia, according to Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) 2021 Sheep Industry Projections released this month.

ABARES: Sheep meat December quarter 2020 20 January 2021

In 2020–21 Australian lamb slaughter is forecast to rise by 3% to 21 million head, due to favourable conditions in the latter half of 2019–20 and increased joining with terminal sires (those joined purely for meat production). This will limit promotion into the flock, with lamb production forecast to rise by 4% to 500,000 tonnes in 2020–21.

ICMJ launches new podcast series with meat industry heavyweight 20 January 2021

The first episode features a conversation with one of the forefathers of the meat grading and judging programs in Australia, MLA Managing Director Jason Strong.

Life Membership: Julian Iles 15 December 2020

What started as a Tasmanian Junior Farmer project has turned into more than half a decade of breeding, and an Australian Poll Dorset Association Life Membership for Julian Iles.

Hillden ram wins again 15 December 2020

Courtesy of Hannah Powe, The Land

Poll Dorset rams to $6750 in ADC online sale 15 December 2020

Courtesy of Alastair Dowie, Stock & Land & Claire Harris, Stock Journal

eID a management necessity 15 December 2020

From our sponsor Shearwell

Lamb finishing: is it worth it? 15 December 2020

Courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia

Aussie expertise and Poll Dorsets in China 15 December 2020

Courtesy of Russ Davis, Ceva Animal Health

Best-practice first summer drenching strategies 15 December 2020

Courtesy of Dr David Rendell, Agriculture Victoria

More lambs from short-term nutritional flush on green feed 15 December 2020

Courtesy of Gervaise Gaunt, Agriculture Victoria

Poll Dorsets in hot demand 15 December 2020

SPRING ram sales results were stronger than ever for the Poll Dorset breed this year, with many studs achieving increased clearances and averages on last year.

Flock rebuild gets underway 15 December 2020

Sheep and lamb prices remain strong as producers across much of the country experience improved seasonal conditions.

Member Focus: Josh Poulton 15 December 2020

2020 has been such an incredibly unusual year for everyone, particularly sheep breeders, and we have all had to find new ways to advertise our stock, genetics, and breeding potential of our rams.

School Focus: Good Shepherd College 15 December 2020

About the School Good Shepherd College is located at Hamilton Victoria. It has a junior and senior campus. The senior campus is located out of town and has a 180 acre farm with a Poll Dorset stud, Murray Grey stud and a prime lamb enterprise. There are approximately 200 students.

New Directors for Tas & Vic 15 December 2020

The Australian Poll Dorset Association has welcomed two new directors to the Board.

Ensuring animals are Fit to Load 17 November 2020

Peak representative bodies WoolProducers Australia (WPA), Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) and Australian Livestock & Property Agents Association (ALPA) are reminding those in the sheep industry about ensuring that the sheep they are selling are ready for sale by meeting the requirements of the Fit to Load guide.

Sheep Producers Australia Board Appointments 17 November 2020

Mr Chris Mirams Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) Chair has welcomed Robert Herrmann to the SPA Board and congratulate Bindi Murray on her re-appointment to the Board.

$4.5m collaboration to boost red meat integrity system 17 November 2020

Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and Integrity Systems Company (ISC), have announced a $4.5million partnership to develop new data-driven technology and services that enhance sophistication in red meat and livestock supply chains.

Victorian meat manufacturers back to full workforce 17 November 2020

AMIC welcomes the announcement that workforce capacity restrictions have been removed for the meat processing sector from 11:59pm Sunday 8 November 2020.

Poll Dorset-Merino cross line takes win 25 September 2020

WHEN WAMMCO asked its June 2020 Producer of the Month winner Roger Bilney, Kojonup, to nominate the most significant example of technological change in the livestock operation of his family's farming business, he replied "genetics."

Poll Dorset genetics take WAMMCO prize 25 September 2020

A passion for high-performance Poll Dorset genetics, and a proven farm business formula continue to keep Walkaway breeder Randal Levett in the WA Meat Marketing Co-operative winners’ circle.

Analysing on-farm, carcase performance of Poll Dorset sires 25 September 2020

STUDS have been carefully selecting genetics based on visual assessment and Australian Sheep Breeding Values for many years, but the Poll Dorset breed is taking the next step, by analysing on-farm and carcase performance to help producers make more informed breeding decisions. Twelve Poll Dorset studs from across the country are testing their genetics in the Bowan Park progeny trial, run by NSW stud Ridgehaven.

Potential of the Poll Dorset being realised in south west 25 September 2020

Galong graziers Hugh and Fran Flanery are primed to continue producing the highest quality first-cross Poll Dorset lambs they can.

From across the ditch 17 September 2020

Ian McCall President NZ Poll Dorset Breed Committee. Greetings to you all, from Poll Dorset NZ. As part of our breeder’s annual levies the NZ breed committee decided to give each flock, your Poll Dorset Magazine. We thank you for the opportunity to contribute to it as well.

60 years of Faraday Park 17 September 2020

Flock 320 Faraday Park is celebrating 60 years of operation in 2020 and the Tasmanian stud is going from strength to strength.

New Sheeptrax Website 17 September 2020

Courtesy of APDA Sponsor Zoetis Dr Matthew Playford from Dawbuts, Australia’s leading veterinary parasitology laboratory in Camden NSW, has been involved in developing the ground-breaking website, SheepTRAX ( in conjunction with Zoetis.

BOM: Climate outlook overview 17 September 2020

The remainder of September is likely to be warmer than average across most of Australia, with roughly equal chances of warmer or cooler days and nights on parts of the south coast, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Heathmar females on offer for the first time 25 August 2020

The oldest Poll Dorset stud still operating in Victoria will offer ewes for the first time in its 65 year history.

Dam smart device for pedigree matching 25 August 2020

The SmartShepherd system has been used by one Poll Dorset breeder this year to increase accuracy and decrease workload of collecting dam pedigree.

ADC Sale goes Online 25 August 2020

The Australasian Dorset Championships have embraced a new format this year, with lots to be offered solely online via AuctionsPlus.

Lamb size crucial to survive and thrive 25 August 2020

Producers often correlate lambing ease directly with ram genetics, and while selecting the right sire is always important, there are a other key factors at play.

Sheep Genetics Update September 2020 25 August 2020

- New search site - More genotype providers - Sheep Genetics remains free

MLA’s 2020 Sheep Industry Projections June update 30 June 2020

Lamb production to fall as restocker demand lifts: MLA

Neogen: Why use genomics when breeding Poll Dorset’s? 30 June 2020

Neogen Australasia’s Territory Manager for South Australia and Western Australia, Dan Roe, said genomic technology may have once been daunting for breeders and complicated to adopt, but for those new to genomics the current range of sheep DNA tests were simple to use and the results easy to interpret.

MLA: Not all sheepmeat fat is equal 30 June 2020

Where fat is laid down in the live animal, either within the muscle (intramuscular fat) or around it (subcutaneous fat), plays vastly different roles when it comes to eating quality and carcase yield.

Prime product complimentary to Merinos 22 May 2020

YASS sheep producer Frank Kaveney describes using Poll Dorset sires in his Merino operation as both “complementary” and good for “cash flow”.

Lifting Lamb Survival 1 May 2020

HIGH scanning rates are a great measure of potential, according to Bayer Grow’s Rick White. But managing nutrition through pregnancy to marking is the indicator of the amount of potential you are utilising on-farm.

Frank celebrates 50 years of Fairbank 1 May 2020

THE Poll Dorset breed’s unofficial Tasmanian reporter-on-the-ground Frank Badcock is modest about his sheep breeding success. But anyone in the business will know running a successful stud for 50 years is about as successful as it gets.

Youth Yarns May 2020 1 May 2020

Youth Members in Focus

Market Update: 2020 So Far 25 April 2020

Courtesy Tom Rookyard, AuctionsPlus 2020 has been unlike any year in living memory. After 2019 which saw growers faced with floods and bushfires at the bookends of the year respectively; and was the warmest and driest year on record.

Winter supply shortfall to stoke prices 25 April 2020

WHILE the future impacts of the current Covid-19 pandemic on all agriculture commodities is still unknown, sheep and lamb prices have started the year off historically strong.

Bowan Park Research Flock Results 1 February 2020

The Bowan Park Research Flock delivered its first season of results to ram contributors in 2019. The trial, following lambs from conception to kill floor, has provided extensive data for the breed, and the rams for season two of the trial have now been selected.

Terminal Carcase Production (TCP) Index 1 January 2020

Courtesy of Sheep Genetics Australia The Australian sheep breeding value Lambplan index Carcase Plus has been an important index for the sheepmeat industry but it has been found to have a negative impact on eating quality. Because of this and the industry’s focus on delivering high eating quality outcomes for consumers, the index will be retired in March 2020.

Tattykeel wins Champion of Champions 4 December 2019

Tattykeel stud at Oberon has won the inaugural WFI Champion of Champions Poll Dorset ram competition at the Australasian Dorset Championships in Bendigo.

Laurie Thompson receives Life Membership 1 December 2019

Laurie Thompson has been inspecting Poll Dorsets at the Melbourne Royal for 49 years - “hopefully I wrack up 50 in 2020 and it might be time to retire”.

Vaccination key to fighting Campy 1 December 2019

EWES that were scanned in lamb and didn’t deliver a live one could have the campylobacter bacteria. Coopers Animal Health’s Jane Morrison says it is one of the three big causes of sheep abortion in Australia.

Poll Dorset weight gains win approval at Locmaria 1 October 2019

LOCMARIA Farms via Hynam sits on the South Australian and Victorian divide, with property on both sides of the border. It doesn’t however sit on the fence when it comes to selecting the best performing terminal sires, picking Poll Dorsets every time.

Big lambing results despite big dry 1 September 2019

BEN Shanks has been feeding his 4000 First-Cross ewes for the best part of three years, but is defying the dry with strong results - on-farm and in the saleyard.

50 years of Coledale 1 September 2019

WALLACE Binnie has been breeding Poll Dorset for 50 years, but he’s far from old-school when it comes to his stud. Starting with 40 ewes to breed rams for his family’s farm, Wallace soon “caught the bug for the stud job” as he puts it.

Passion for Poll Dorsets continues for Max 22 March 2019

Poll Dorsets have long been a passion for the Douglas family, with Max Kenneth Douglas, 77, a third generation studmaster of Dorset sheep.

Poll Dorsets play important role in Riverina production 22 March 2019

The renowned fast-growth of Poll Dorset crosses allow Ben and Narelle Robilliard to achieve a fast turnover for prime lambs in the New South Wales Riverina.

Poll Dorset performance key to upping demand 20 March 2019

Consistency of performance is crucial for sheep producer Brad Smith and it’s what makes him a staunch advocate for the use of Poll Dorset rams.