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The renowned fast-growth of Poll Dorset crosses allow Ben and Narelle Robilliard to achieve a fast turnover for prime lambs in the New South Wales Riverina.

With 15,000 lambs bred on-farm, plus additional feeder lambs, being sent to Woolworths in Junee each year, growth rate remains the main driver behind the Robilliard enterprise, which covers 1600 hectares at Lauriston Park, near Old Junee, and 1800 hectares at Matta Mia near Pulletop.

“The operation is focused on first-cross ewes with Poll Dorsets over them,” Ben said.

“We run on a system of two lambings.

“We have an autumn lambing at Junee, which is about a third of the flock, and then we have the other two-thirds of the flock lamb in July at Matta Mia.

“My older sheep lamb in autumn so I can sell them in June or July.”

Ben said they generally achieve a lambing percentage of 135 per cent in autumn at Lauriston Park, with 140pc a typical lambing percentage at Matta Mia.