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Get to know the new search site

A brand new search site was installed on the 5th of August. The new site is more user friendly. Its features are:

  • Faster loading
  • More percentile highlights
  • Customisable traits
  • Better display including graph view
  • Ability to link flocks to one account
  • Commercial producers can make an account.
  • New pen cards including QR codes
  • Easier to make catalogues

You will need to make a new account to log into the new site. Sheep Genetics members were sent an email to create an account linked to their flocks. Anyone can register and create a new account. Feel free to call the team if you have account troubles.

There has been a lot of feedback from users of the website in the first week. We have taken on board a lot of suggestions. Thank you to those who have helped to identify teething issues.

We are pleased to release this new site. It will make searching for rams using ASBVs easier for everyone.


More genotype providers available

Genomics are taking off in the sheep industry. It works by analysing the fingerprints on your sheep’s DNA and using that information to enhance ASBVs.

Previously, the genotyping service was administrated by SheepDNA part of the Sheep CRC. Since the closure of the Sheep CRC, MLA has taken over this role. We have opened up genotyping services to more laboratories. So you will benefit from more options and competition in the market.

These are the current genotype providers that are ready to go:

A central database has been set up. This is managed on by MLA on behalf of you – sheep breeders. All of the genotype providers that have signed up to licences will give and take results from this central database. This gives you the flexibility to change genotype providers and still use previous results. It also helps to keep a minimum standard so that quality is consistent.

If you have any more questions about genotyping contact Sheep Genetics or the genotype providers.

How do help my clients understand ASBVs?

The MLA genetics hub houses a range of easy to understand videos and factsheets for commercial producers. Take ownership of these resources and use them for marketing.

More videos were made this July to help explain some of the more common traits.

You can view the genetics hub at

There is also a range of resources for both print and web media so contact Sheep Genetics for that.


Free membership continues

You will not have to pay to get involved in Sheep Genetics.

MLA is operating the Accelerated Adoption Initiative which waives many of its fees. This will operate until November 2021. Sheep Genetics membership, database charges and events are currently free - you will receive an invoice but the amount owing will be $0. To make the most of the free database charges Sheep Genetics recommends you enter your entire cohort of animals and submit your data early - get the benefit of the AAI for your current and future cohorts.

For more information contact Sheep Genetics:
T: 02 8055 1818