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Charlie O’Rourke, Mt Bathurst Poll Dorset Stud

  1. How old are you? I am nine years old
  2. Where do you live? I live in Bathurst, NSW.
  3. What is your favourite Poll Dorset’s sheep’s name? Ram 66 is my favourite because he has a nice strong head.
  4. What was the best thing about the helping your grandparents at the Show? I like to help holding the rams and cleaning all the sheep, so they are show ready.
  5. What do you want to be when you grow up? I am not sure yet, but I like helping Pa with his Poll Dorsets’ and going to shows with him.
Charlie O Rourke Mt Bathurst Poll Dorset Stud

Charlie O’Rourke, Mt Bathurst Poll Dorset Stud, pictured with Pa Greg Healey.

Ashley Cooper, Ashcharmoo Poll Dorsets, Aged 12 and Charlotte Cooper, Ashcharmoo Poll Dorsets, Aged 10

  1. How long have you had a Poll Dorset stud? Three years, we started in 2017 with some ewes in lamb from Armdale and Armdale Park Studs
  2. Where does your stud name come from? Ash is for me. Char is for my sister Charlotte. Moo is because both Charlotte and I get moo in our nicknames from family, my Pop calls me, Ashamo and Charlotte has been Miss Moo since she was a baby. Our Nanny (Dads mum) is also called nanny moo because she loves cows.
  3. What was the reason for getting Poll Dorsets? On our way back from a weekend trip to Wyangala Dam I asked Dad if we could start a stud so we could show sheep, I’d shown cattle with my Cousins and liked getting everything prepared. We were originally looking at Aussie Whites but Grumpa had had Poll Dorsets when he was younger so suggested we look at that breed instead.
  4. What are your goals for your stud over the next 10 years?Produce the best sheep we can and breed sheep to suit our local market.
  5. What's your favourite Poll Dorset related memory ? Ashley: Getting driven into a gate by one of the Poll Dorset Rams in the sheep yards. Winning our first ribbon at the NSW Dorset State Championships in 2018 and winning Reserve Champion ram at Cowra Lamb Show in 2018. Charlotte: The first lambs in 2017, because it was the first lamb of ours. I also like looking after the poddies, mum calls me Mary (had a little lamb) as they all follow me.
  6. Tell us about where you study. Ashley: Im in yr 7 at Mulwaree High School in Goulburn. Charlotte: I go to Marulan Public School, I’m in year 5.
  7. What is your favourite holiday destination? & Why? Ashley: My favourite holiday destination is Carinda NSW, where I go bike riding and shooting with my dad at a friends property, because theres a lot of flat ground and lots of space to ride my bike. Charlotte: Batemans Bay, because it has a good beach.
  8. What’s an interesting /quirky fact about your home town? Marulan is the only town in the world which is situated on the 150th Meridian
  9. What is the top item on your bucket list? Ashley: To meet Haiden Deegan who is a top American motorbike rider for his age. Charlotte: Meet Sandi Brock from Sheepishly Me (Canadian Sheep Farmer, who has a Youtube Channel).
  10. Who is your favourite Poll Dorset breeder? Ashley: All the breeders we’ve meet have been very kind and helpful to us as we’ve started out but my favourite breeder is James Frost. Charlotte: Garry Armstrong and his family.

Charlotte and Ashley Cooper at the Crookwell Show

Alice Frost, Hillden Poll Dorset Stud

  1. How old are you? 8
  2. Where do you live? On Bannister Lane in Bannister, NSW
  3. What is your favourite Poll Dorset’s sheep’s name? Henry
  4. Who named him Henry? Me
  5. Why Henry? Couldn’t think of anything else
  6. What was the best thing about the Crookwell Show? Leading the sheep and winning a ribbon
  7. What do you want to be when you grow up? A Farmer
Alice Frost

Alice Frost at the Crookwell Show